Saved My Life – 003 – A Commissary – Why And What?

Don’t let that big word scare you.  Commissary is nothing more than a commercial kitchen.  In this video I will explain why you will probably be required to have one in your state.  I’ve done over 15 articles on commissaries but I continue to learn more over time.

Here is a link to an in-depth article on commissaries.  In Saved My Life – 004 I will link you an interesting article and story from a gentleman who is challenging the commissary laws in his state.  But until that’s won, let’s stay on track and follow the rules for success.

Questions and Answers:

Q:  Why couldn’t I just clean my stuff at home?

A:  You could and most do, but the State HD wants you to be doing the whole, “wash, rinse and sanitize” thing in a big 3 bay sink.

Q:  If I make chili at home to serve on the cart, will any one know?

A:  Probably not, but the inspector could (highly unlikely) but could ask your commissary place if you have been preparing your foods there.  The only time I can imagine that a hd inspector would question your preparations is if they received a complaint about someone getting sick or finding one of your dogs chew toys in their cup of soup.

Q:  I don’t see how anyone will let me use their restaurant kitchen to do my stuff.  Is that really possible?

A:  Yes, but in Part 004 I will share some great tips and tricks and workarounds with you.  I’ll even show you how to get a commissary the right way and without much effort.

Q:  Seems like building my own commissary would be the simplest, but is it expensive?

A:  It can be expensive and it’s not always the easiest.  Some vendors do make their own commissary though and love the freedom that provides. (see the next part of this training series for more info on that.

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Part 004 – How to get a commissary, how to avoid using your commissary and about building your own.  Bonus:  Make money with your commissary!