Saved My Life – 002 – Licensing – City Restrictions – Health Department

Can you vend in your town?  What licenses do you need?  What are the rules for vendors?  Where can I find my State Health codes?  Tips if your state says, “NO”.   How do I get a hot dog vendor permit? It’s all answered in this video.

I went a step further with this video and included instructions on finding your codes online with a live demo. I also discuss Non-Potentially Hazardous Foods and why just hot dogs.  Be sure to follow the included links below.

Links Mentioned In Video

LIAR LIAR! If their lips are moving, they’re probably lying.  Be skeptical – prove them wrong here.

NSF: You may get a over-zealous health inspector who says that your cart “MUST BE NSF APPROVED”.  Don’t panic, they are wrong and I’ll tell you why here.

Sales Tax: I mentioned in the video about getting a resale id or sales tax id – Video is below.

Why just hot dogs?  Why can’t I serve taco’s?  Well you may be able to, but before you start writing up your menu – watch this first.

Vendor Questions

Q:  What if my city says that they don’t allow vendors or they have restrictions on my ability to vend?

A:  Other than what I mention in the video, you have access to real help, from real lawyers who will work for you for free.  Find out how to stop the effects of Crony Capitalism in your town.

Q:  My inspector told me that my cart had to be NSF approved, what do I do?

A:  NSF doesn’t approve carts.  Here’s two reasons why.

Q:  I tried finding the codes online but they aren’t there.  Can you help?

A:  Yes but I assure you they are there.  Call the State general information line, ask for the department that handles food vendor / street vendor codes and ask them where you can access the codes online.

Q:  You mentioned RESALE TAX license, where can I find out more?

A: Watch this video for info on sales tax and more.

Q:  How long does it take to get all the permits and licenses?

A:  Depending on where you live, it can all be done within a day or two to over 2 weeks.  Get started now because 2 weeks is going to go by either way and one way you will be that much further ahead.

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