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The Top Ten Questions Ben Gets Asked Daily

You are not alone and there really are no stupid questions.  Ben has made a list of the top ten questions he gets asked here.  Click Here.

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What Size Ball / Hitch Do I Need?

All of our towable carts are DOT approved for highway use.  They include a 1 7/8th inch coupler.  You will need a 1 7/8th inch ball on your vehicle.  We have found that if your vehicle doesn’t have a receiver and hitch, UHaul has the best prices and they also do installation Nationwide.

All of our towable carts include Tail, Stop and Turn lights with a male 4 wire flat hook up.  Your car will need the female 4 wire flat hook up.  This is standard on most trailers and Uhaul or most any trailer or truck accessory store will carry and instal these for you.

The tongue weight is less than 70lbs and your new cart can be pulled by most vehicles including some motorcycles and Smart Cars.

On left is the female (your car) / on the right is what the hot dog cart will have.





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Can I Make A Deposit Only?

Yes. If you are planning on picking up your cart in person; you can make a deposit online and pay the balance in cash during pickup.  This means real cash, little pieces of greenish paper with dead presidents pictures on them.  🙂

To make a deposit, click add to cart on the products you like.  During checkout you will see a box for coupon code, in this box type: deposit

This will update your order showing the amount owed discounted off and the amount to pay now in the total block.  Of course if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

* We do not accept checks, money orders, cashiers checks or credit cards when picking up.  Credit cards are accepted when the balance is below $300 only!

If you have already made a deposit and need to pay the balance by credit card before picking up, please click here, change the amount shown to the amount you owe and process the order.  You will receive a receipt immediately via email.

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Do you have financing?

Yes, click here.  We do short term layaways and offer some ideas for rounding up the cash quickly.

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Can I Visit Your Showroom?

Yes, but we don’t have a showroom. However we do have a warehouse that we set appointments for visits Mon through Fri.

To schedule an appointment, please email Keith@benscarts.com or call 865.216.3330.  We only schedule visits 1 to 2 days in advance so please contact us just 2 days before your planned visit.  (Before calling, please know exactly which cart you would like to see.  We do not always have open uncrated carts of every type and setup available for viewing.)

Note: We do not have a sales staff.  Typically upon arriving, one of our warehouse guys will let you in to see carts.  Afterwards if you have questions you will want to contact Ben directly via phone or email.  He will be able to direct you to the answers at BensCarts.com

We do understand that sometimes it’s much better to see the carts firsthand and with your own eyes, but we are not staffed with personnel that will be able to answer any questions during your visit.  Please make yourself familiar with our carts via our online website and resources.

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Can I add a deep fryer?

Yes, but most states don’t allow them on open carts.  Always do your due diligence before purchasing.  We offer free training and a step by step guide to help you make the best decisions.  You don’t not have to be a customer to receive help, instruction and training.

Free Training

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Does The Cart Include a Warranty?

Yes, we give a full one year manufacturers warranty against manufacturer defects.  Grills, pumps and some other accessories are warranted through the original manufacturer of those items and you will need to register these items to include a warranty.  See warranty page link at the top of any of our pages.

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Are Your Carts NSF Approved?

See NSF section for more information:  NSF is a private company which sets standards for the food service industry. Standard 59 is the group of standards used to be in compliance. No state can require NSF approval as this would be like your state making a law that you could only shop at walmart. However some states do require carts to meet nsf standard 59, our carts do meet and exceed these standards. yes! Our carts have been approved in every state  Our exterior is 100% NSF Compliant Stainless steel grade 304. All sinks, lines, tanks, valves, pans and lids, including condiment table pans and lids are NSF/UL/ANSI stamped.

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How Long Will My Cart Last?

Years!  Our carts are built to last for years and years.  We expect 15 years at the very least.  Some routine maintenance is required from time to time depending on your usage.  We use an all  steel construction welded, bolted and riveted with aircraft rivets rated at 1700 PSi.

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Does The Cart Come Assembled?

Yes! when your cart arrives you will need to un-crate and attach the bread box and the hot water heater if purchased.  Some carts may require mounting of wheels and tail lights.  This is a simple process and we include easy to follow video instructions.

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Do You Have Other Payment Methods?

Yes!  We now accept personal checks online.  Simply click the pay by check during checkout.    You can use any major credit card or debit card at our website as well.  If you are using a debit card, call your bank first and increase your daily spending limit otherwise they may decline your order.  Most banks have a $500 daily spending limit for online transactions.

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Can I Pick Up At Your Warehouse?

Yes!  Simply order online or make a deposit online and we will contact you with pick up details.  We prefer this as it allows us to meet you and answer any questions face to face.

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How Soon Can I Have A Cart?

Typically we have carts in stock, you can call or text Ben at 865.446.0660 or email for an accurate estimate on shipping times.  If your in stock you can expect your cart; usually within a week.  If it is a custom cart or not currently in stock, it can add 3 to 5 days to the delivery time.

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How Much Is Shipping?

For shipping rates, click here.

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How Many Sinks Do I Need?

The big dog comes with 4 and if the cash cow is ordered with a water system it will include 4 sinks also. Every state has different rules regarding sinks. Check with your health department first. if your state requires less sinks, just simply tell us in the comment section while ordering. If you need say 3 sinks, we will make one sink larger and then two standard sinks.