Day In The Life – Hot Dog Vendor Training

If I’ve Been Asked Once

I have been asked 500 times, Ben – please do a video showing everything.  They want to see how a real professional hot dog vendor does it.  This new vendor course called Day In The Life – Hot Dog Vendor training is my answer to those requests.  I begged and pleaded and finally talked professional vendor and regular contributor to Street Food Vendor TV and Hot Dog Vendor Radio to help out.

Michael Wood of Duggs Doggs fame will show you everything.

  • prepping 
  • storing
  • loading
  • planning
  • hauling
  • hot dog cart set up
  • cooking
  • serving
  • take down
  • clean up

In the Day In The Life – Hot Dog Vendor Training course you will get to spend the day with Michael.  You will learn tips and tricks that Michael has learned over the years.  Instead of flying by the seat of your pants or being as nervous as a long tailed cat a room full of rocking chairs, you’ll learn it all right now.  


I know vendors who have charged $300 to allow someone to watch them for an hour or two.  It’s because the information is valuable and will ultimately save you time and money.   

Pre-Order Now & Save Over 50%

During the pre-order period you can take advantage of savings over 50 percent!  We plan to release the course by June 15th, 2014.  You can place a pre-order now and save over 50% off the release price of $199.  To order, please click here.