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Join this exclusive discount club for professional hot dog vendors and street food vendors everywhere and save hundreds of dollars while getting access to the best hot dog vendor training and ongoing tips and advice in the world.

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  • Lifetime Membership
  • Free Vendor Training
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  • Exclusive Discounts from Store
  • Free Hot Dog Vendor And Street Vendor Forms

You’ll Have Instant Online Access To These Exclusive Courses – FREE

hot dog vendor training course

The A to Z  Vendor Success Course is my most comprehensive course ever.  Over the years I have learned some amazing things that can help you get started, help you find key locations, help you double your income and help you manage multiple carts.  It’s jam packed with over 5 hours of professional vendor information.  I have even helped experienced vendors with this information.  It houses decades of experience I have learned from other vendors, learned by trial and error and just lucked up and figured out.

Whether you are just getting started or have been vending for years, this course is sure to offer you information that will take your business to the next level.  No stone is left unturned as I walk you through start uplicensingovercoming obstaclesavoiding pitfallsvaluable resources, the best locations on the planet (a comprehensive list)and other valuable information.  Includes: 11 Videos, Sample Plan reviews, Vendor Check list and Fast Start Course notes.


hot dog vendor success course

If you could change one thing, just do one thing different tomorrow and double, triple or even quadruple your sales – Would YOU?  It’s been done before, it’s being done now and less than 1% of vendors ever think about it.  It is the One Big Thing.  It’s the difference between doing $150 daily and doing $400 – $1400 daily.

This One Big Thing has the power to:

  • transform a bad location into a good one
  • attract out of the way customers
  • make customers want to tell their friends
  • boost your social media hits
  • double your income
  • triple your income
  • works every time

hot dog vendor working cart video - Day in the life of a hot dog vendor


of a hot dog vendor.  Would you like to follow a pro hot dog vendor for the day?  Of course you would.  Imagine what you’d learn.  Imagine what you could take back to your business and apply for more profits, more free time and more fun.

Not Just A Day But

years of experience at one time.  You’d take home knowledge that has grown from hundreds of other vendors experiences, culminating into this one vendors daily doings.  One day is enough to save you from countless errors, inspire you to new ideas and give you immediate experience regardless of how new you are.

Now’s Your Chance

Pro hot dog vendor, Michael Wood of Duggs Doggs fame is going to show you everything!  You will learn:

  • how to prep for the day
  • storage ideas
  • loading to head out
  • cart setup
  • cooking from a hot dog cart
  • serving customers
  • closing down and much, much more

hot dog vendor cooking training on a hot dog cart

I have done videos and articles on this topic but I have been asked over and over to actually show how to do each one, the methods and madness behind each cooking style and what the pros and cons are of each.  I also share with you every single detail on how to get the best results from each method.

I will help you determine the best method or methods for offering your menu selections.  I share with you the tricks to insure that you deliver a quality product every time and how to avoid waste.  All done on an operational cart in real time.

If you would like to see the articles and videos I have done and provided free, please click here and then check out this free video.



Why A Membership Program?

One of the questions I get asked often is, why did I create a membership program instead of just making it all available to everyone for free?  I have 3 reasons:

  1. gave discounts to those folks who joined one of two different National Vendor Organizations.  One of the incentives the organizations offered to secure memberships was to give discounts at manufacturers or sponsors.  We were one of those sponsors.  When those organizations collapsed, we felt it unfair that those folks had joined to receive discounts but now could not.   So I created the Hot Dog Mafia for those folks and continued their discounts.  They got switched over for free and everyone was happy.The problem arose when new vendors wanted discounts but because they hadn’t been a part of those previous organizations, they couldn’t.  So I decided to let them buy in, this way they, just like those previous members who had paid to join the now defunct organizations, they could invest and join the Hot Dog Mafia and enjoy those discounts too.
  2. Those who invest in their educations are much more appreciative and have a much higher rate of success.  I get 100’s of calls weekly and even more emails, but with the Hot Dog Mafia, I now can really tell who the most serious vendors are, those that have invested in themselves and their future success.  With the hundreds of free articles and over 100 free videos, I get tons of calls from those who have watched one or two and then want to call me for help instead of searching further.  Well simply put, I don’t have the time anymore.  So now I devote my time to helping those who are dedicated to their own success.
  3.  I love to help those who are helping themselves, and I love to reward that dedication any time I can, with discounts or access to exclusive material.  With the Hot Dog Mafia, I’m able to help many members with special discounts, special pricing and even in many cases, lower than wholesale prices on those items we buy in bulk.  If everyone got the same deal, it wouldn’t be special, so Hot Dog Mafia members get rewarded with the best deals, best prices and exclusive access to the best training and tips anywhere.  

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After checkout you will receive a welcome email with instructions along with your special passwords.  Once your membership is activated, your new Mafia Member pricing will be live and if you login during checkout you will notice the pricing updates for each product discount.  For example:  You would like to get a vendor form.  You click buy now, then you will be asked if you are a returning customer or a new customer.  You’ll enter your email and password in the returning customer field and continue.  On the next page of the checkout process you will notice that the form you selected is now free and you can checkout without payment.  If it doesn’t reflect the discount, then you haven’t logged in correctly.

*Either plan will give you access.  Choosing the installment plan will give you access but in the event your following two payments decline for any reason, you will lose access and collected payments will not be refunded.  After payment is made, your account will be verified and usually within one hour, your membership will be live with the all access pass.