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  • SIZES: 84″ LENGTH plus 40″ towing bar
  • 54″ WIDTH
  • 61″ HEIGHT
  • WEIGHT: 427 lbs. (approximate)

You have asked and finally we have a true Kiosk cart in our lineup.  Serve from the side.  The term loaded doesn’t do it justice, this cart is jam packed.  Two full size commercial steam tables, a huge commercial 408 square inch gas griddle, a pressurized hot and cold water system, bread box, non-mechanical cooler and much more.  Read below for all the features.  Click on the options tab above to view what optional items can be added.    Never before has there been a cart with so much for so little.  The King Kiosk will out work even you, designed to make the biggest events a pleasure and keep up with the demand.

Power Source

Griddle: The commercial LP griddle (17″ X 25″) includes a grease trap with locking grease door and a single control knob for regulating temperatures. It is vented in the rear away from you and your customers.

Steam Tables: Two commercial full size steam tables are included and come with 8 pans. 2 Full size spillage pans, 1 Half size perforated pan, 2 one fourth size pans and 3 one third size pans. Includes all lids. Pans and lids are NSF certified and stamped. From breakfast to lunch, the King Kiosk will allow you to serve a wide menu variety.


The cart comes standard with 4 stainless steel sinks with a hot and cold pressurized water system with no clog drains, a 5 gallon clear water tank and a 7.5 gallon tank for waste water. You can select 1, 2, 3 or 4 sinks at no additional cost. If you want less than 4 sinks, please note this in the comments section during ordering. Sinks areapprox. 5”X 6” and 4” deep. Water system, including all fittings and copper and PEX lines are NSF certified. Choosing less sinks will enlarge sinks at no additional cost. Waste water tank is fixed under the cart body and out of view. It includes a valve for easy draining and comes standard with back flow prevention. Pressure is supplied by the commercial 12v pump. (battery not included) Hot water is supplied via a copper tube that is over the burners, heat from the burners provides the hot water. For more details and information on a continuous hot water system CLICK HERE Water system is vented and is set up to be sanitized easily as required.


Leveling posts are included for balance and stability. They slide away easily for transport.


With your 12v. lawnmower or motorcycle battery you can power the included pump that will give you pressurized water. This on demand pump knows when you open the faucet and comes on.


You will love this super functional condiment table. It allows your customers to fix their own dogs while you serve dogs from the front. Saves you time and headaches. Plus, we have added a hidden ice tray under the condiment table so that your recessed stainless steel pans sit on a bed of ice. Condiment Pans and lids are included. Has a drain opening, but we recommend using freezer gel packs instead of ice.


This fully insulated cooler has a hinged lid for easy access. It is rated to hold ice for up to 5 days in 90 degree temperatures. Most vendors don’t use this cooler for drinks and store extra dogs and condiments here. You will always need a large cooler for drinks, my freestanding cooler holds 300 drinks.


Below the bread box, depending on how many propane tanks you have is extra storage space accessible from either side of the cart.


As a D.O.T. approved trailer, our carts include stop, turn and tail lights. Wiring harness includes a standard 4 wire flat connection.


The oversized bread box rivals others in size. Holding up to 30 bags of 12ct buns and other necessities like napkins, foil and dry condiments. It is solid stainless steel and includes a shelf for a more organized system. Instead of using plexiglass doors, BensCarts upgrades all doors to stainless steel for free, which allows you to keep your supplies hidden from customers view. Plexiglass fades and yellows over time getting these fine hairline cracks and streaks that can make your cart look nasty and old. Stainless steel doors allow for a professional look years from now. Each cart is equipped with two doors for easy access from either side of the cart.


The 9 ft. market umbrella is huge. Allowing for some shade on those hot days. It stands out like nicely for visibility. The umbrella is fabric and its structure is metal to hold up to moderate wind and use. Comes in Red or Yellow. See picture on our facebook page.


Before buying a cart, do your due diligence. Make sure you buy a cart that meets your states codes and requirements. I don’t want you to buy a cart that you can’t use. Simply download or email the cart brochure to your health department and get pre-approved before purchasing. For full details see our free training section.


Roll Back Top

Cover the steam pans on your King Kiosk with these Roll back tops.  They meet ANSI / NSF standards and are approved for use in commercial applications.  Roll back the lid and have access to all your pans at once.  Held in place by the pans, it’s easy to set up and easy to clean.  Look like a pro with these covers which will also allow you to stack food even higher than with standard lids. —  $129

Rear Cooler Rack

If you have limited space and need to have an extra cooler on the cart to get it from one location to the next in town then the rear cooler rack is for you. It will hold those large coolers like Sams Club sells and hold many drinks. Not recommended for hauling loaded at speeds over 45mph.  —  $197

Hot Water Heater

The continuous flow on demand hot water heater allows you hot water anytime.  With or without the steam table running you can have unlimited hot water.  Self contained and operates from the LP gas system on the cart.  Includes auto on demand igniter. (requires two “D” cell batteries not included)  READ THIS FIRST Works with carts with water systems.  —  $219

Taller Faucet with Plexi glass splash guard

This option may be required by some states to separate the hand wash sink from the ware washing sinks.  —  $117

King Kiosk includes these additional features and available options:

Crating & Shipping

We ship carts all over the world and package and crate so that your new cart arrives in brand new condition. By completely crating we avoid freight damages.

Metal VIN Plate

Your new cart comes with a metal VIN plate, VIN number and Title Paperwork so that you can register and tag your cart for towing on road, highways and interstates..

Ownership Documents

All our carts include title and ownership paperwork. Because carts have never been registered, you will simply take the documents to the tag agency in your county to register and receive a tag.

Owners Manual

All our carts include a complete owners manual, a tips and tricks document, operations information and videos to help you get started off on the right foot.

Support: 865-446-0660

Ben has helped thousands get started. Customers and Non-Customers alike have a friend in the business with Ben. Simply pick up the phone and call.

1 to 5 Year Warranty

We proudly provide a full one year warranty on all our new carts. Warranty includes parts and labor* and gives you the peace of mind knowing we provide the best carts for the money. 5 Year extended warranty is available.