“Learn everything you need to know from A-Z to run a successful Hot Dog Vendor business”

What’s included?
Short Answer: Everything!



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Hot Dogs Saved My Life – Vendor Course

Long Answer:

  • Getting Started, the rules, the regulations, permits and licensing
  • Find a good used cart and the most common mistakes
  • Commissaries And how to get yours
  • All about Stem Pans and sizes
  • Steaming, Boiling or Drilling… which one should you do?
  • Deciding on the right menu and pricing
  • Finding the best locations


Here’s just a small preview of the Extra Information
that no one, but Ben would share… in

Hot Dogs Saved My Life!

  • How to get FREE HOT DOGS
  • How to get FREE WATER!
  • My secret locations
  • Famous Onion Recipe
  • Extra money hanging from your umbrella

More, yes, there’s much more. Ben gives you his entire cost breakdown per serving for everything, from napkins to hot dogs. He even lists where to get the best deals on your supplies. Ben currently runs multiple carts… so all the information is current and up to date.

The word on the street

HI Ben, i have your book and found it very informative and helpful, great sequence from soup to nuts on how to research find and start a HDV business, I also liked your humor. Yhe information was clear and to the point. I am new to this, so your book has helped me greatly in making a decision on going forward with more due diligence on the business. Thanks, by the way tice is worth every penny.

Vito Potenzieri

Ben, some feedback on Hot Dogs Saved My Life: I read your book in one sitting. It was very well-written, fun to read, and informative. It was well worth the price and I’m so glad I bought it! I am just at the research/planning phase right now and have not yet invested in any equipment. Your book is a great shortcut and saved me a lot of time and money!

Danielle Cantrell

Others sell courses for Hundreds of $$$.. Ben’s complete course is less than $30!




What you get:

  • Ben’s Book/Course (Paperback)
  • FREE EBOOK immediately so you can start reading TODAY!


Where will you be in two weeks? Either way, two weeks is going to pass by. Make a decision today with a small investment and get all the facts so that you can make an informed decision.

Have questions? Call Ben anytime… really.
He answers the phone himself and will do whatever he can to help you out.

A message from Ben:

Hey there, I just wanted to say hi and to let you know that I’m here and I will be here for you. I enjoy success with the hot dog vending business and it’s why I still to this day sling dogs. You won’t find anyone else that will share the information that I do and best of all, when I learn something new, it goes on the blog to everyone.

I want you to be successful and it’s why I do what I do. If you need me, call me; 865.446.0660 or email me here: You can even text me.

Ben “The hot dog Professor”


It is still work, this is not a “get rich quick plan”. However, with this real business you can make an income like others and even more. We proudly document others incomes and success but make no claim as to what your actual earnings will be. Always do your due diligence before entering any new business. Ben provides this free information for everyone so that you can avoid costly mistakes and to help you make an educated decision.

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