Expanding Your Hot Dog Vending Business

How do I handle hiring help, how do I run multiple hot dog carts?  If you are operating a successful hot dog vending business, it may be time to expand.  You may have a great location that produces a fantastic income and want to hire someone to operate the cart for you on certain days.  You know, for a much needed break or so you can pursue other locations.

Expanding your hot dog vending business.

There are several reasons why you may want to or need to expand and hire others.  

  • You want someone to run your cart on certain days
  • You have found another great location
  • You have purchased another cart
  • You want to expand to a multi-cart operation

Do you get an FEIN (Federal Employer ID Number) and have employees, workman’s comp. insurance and do their tax deductions?

Do you hire them as sub-contractor?

Do you simply lease them the cart and possibly a location?   And if you go this route, do you provide everything; location, licensing, insurance, product, etc…?  Or do you simply provide a cart and location?  This opens more questions; how do you protect yourself if they take the cart and never return, how do you make sure they are operating professionally, how do you know if they are stealing and the list goes on and on and on.

This week on Hot Dog Vendor Radio, we will cover these options and answer all your questions.  Click Here for show info.

If you do decide to lease, I have a great lease agreement that will help you protect yourself and lay out all the terms and conditions for your lessee.  It can be found here.

Edited:  Talk about technical difficulties.  Holy heck – we had them last night.  Thankfully Jason and Rob were able to carry on the show.  I lost power and then lost signal about 30 minutes later.  This shut me down and I couldn’t get back in at all.

The show made it though and if you are looking at expanding to multiple carts or hiring some help, this will be a show you want to listen to.

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