Mr. Bill just wrote me and included some pictures of his awesome hot dog cart.  He took the Build A Cart video course, added some imagination, ingenuity and some genius and created this one of a kind DIY cart.

He writes:

I bought your DIY Cart package in March and just a few minutes ago put the final touches on our cart/trailer.

We started on a base 4×6 trailer and did a few modifications to your plans and here it is. It’s not perfect, but will get the job done.

I am a full time retail sales rep and a disabled vet finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. My two daughters are both on college and those bills make it even harder. My youngest and I are going to sling dogs together to add income to the budget and help pay for her school.

I bought your book and watched all your trainings (2-3 times). I download and listen to HDVR each week and am going back listening to older shows.

Once finals are done we are headed out.

Thanks for being there for us newbies.

Bill Fisher

Congratulations Bill!

Thank you for sharing with us Bill.  I’m sure this will inspire some others.  I can’t wait to see it with your logos.  We wish you well and much success.

Build a hot dog cart plans

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