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The pole was as slick as snot. Greased from top to bottom with this white gooey lard. At the bottom of the pole was a big pile of hay and at the top was a crisp twenty dollar bill. Everyone was lining up to take their one shot at climbing that greasy, greasy pole. My [...]


Heal Toe Dosey Doe, Boot Scoot’n boogie was blaring, I was on the interstate, zoned out and singing my ass off. I caught a glimpse of a blueish light in my side mirror and did a double take.   Yup, I was being pulled over.  Crap!  I quickly turned off the radio and made my [...]


Hot Dog Carts Only – Vendor Setup

fireman jake's hot dog cart logo

Fireman Jake writes in about his recent event.  No food trucks or trailers allowed, hot dog carts only.  I love the swooper flag and if you look close, you’ll see the 2 dog, drink and chips special for $6. Hi Ben, I just thought I would send you a picture of my setup. This was [...]

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Beautiful Hot Dog Cart – This Should Win A Prize!

Hot Dog Cart Custom

I pride myself in having the most successful customers, the most creative vendors and the best people in the world as friends. This is one beautiful hot dog cart!  Gabrielle writes in: Hey Ben, I wanted to thank you for all your help and support getting my hot dog cart rocking and rolling. Your service [...]

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How To Start A Street Food Vendor Business: Part 3

Editor’s Note: This is part three of a three-part installment of a blog series called “How To Start A Street Food Vendor Business.”   STEP SIX: Finding Your Suppliers Depending on your startup budget, you may need to access the local grocery store for your first few days. After that, you may find that Costco, [...]

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How To Start A Street Food Vendor Business: Part 2

Editor’s Note: This is part two of a three-part installment of a blog series called “How To Start A Street Food Vendor Business.” STEP THREE: Finding the Right Hot Dog Cart We all want the cart with all the bells and whistles, the best of the best. But even if you can afford the investment, [...]

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Flying Papi's

This is one of those episodes where we received many vendor questions and comments.  It’s a jam-packed show that ran over by almost 30 minutes.  See what you missed… by clicking play above or watching the video below. Questions Or Comments You can leave a question or comment for the show at www.learnhotdogs.com/feedback or you [...]

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How To Start A Street Food Vendor Business: Part 1

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a three-part installment of a blog series called “How To Start A Street Food Vendor Business.” So you want to become a hot dog vendor or a street food vendor?  Well, the economy is ripe for street food vendors of all types.  What once was considered a “last [...]

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Hot Dog Vendor Life vs Office Life By Ben’s Carts

When you’re ready for a career change, taking a path a little less traveled may bring to you the lifestyle and freedom you crave.  

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Overcoming the Street Food Vendor Stigma

The first day at my cart,  I was nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  After years of being somewhat of a celebrity in my hometown and attending all the big-wig functions, I was about to stand before my peers, bankrupt and serving hot dogs on the side of the [...]

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109 – Get Found – Get New Customers


Our special guest tonight was Eric Weiner (yes, real last name).  He’s the co-owner of FoodTrucksIn.com – a website that will help you get more customers.  Best of all, it’s FREE! Learn more by listening above or watching below. Once A Month After much deliberation, I’ve decided to spend more time on the blog and [...]

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Report – Street Food Safer Than Restaurants

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 9.01.21 AM

The Institute for Justice analyzed years of food-safety inspections from seven major American cities, and in every one, food trucks and food carts did as well as or even better than their brick and mortar restaurants. The Report – Street Food Safer Than Restaurants It goes that if a food-service establishment is more clean, they [...]

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108 – Small Catering Jobs – Are They Worth It?

Love Hot Dog Company - hot dog vendor

Tonight we discussed catering.  You know those small jobs – are they worth it?  How do you price them?  At what point is a catering job too small.  We will discuss setting minimum rates so that you never have to make the decision. We’ve discussed catering on multiple shows so below I’ve included a couple [...]

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107 – Questioning Authority – Skeptic Edition


I’ve done two other articles on the subject about questioning authority.  In this episode we take on the most common demands that ignorant inspectors make. Worth A Look You can learn more by checking out these two articles: LIAR – LIAR WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?  Last Chance! (at the time of publication this was [...]

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Follow A Pro Hot Dog Vendor For The Day

hot dog vendor

A DAY IN THE LIFE of a hot dog vendor.  Would you like to follow a pro hot dog vendor for the day?  Of course you would.  Imagine what you’d learn.  Imagine what you could take back to your business and apply for more profits, more free time and more fun. Not Just A Day [...]

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Free Water And Free Hot Dogs For Your Cart!

get free water and free hot dogs for your cart

You can get free water and free hot dogs for your cart.  Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve done it and so have many others who’ve read my course book, HOT DOGS SAVED MY LIFE. IMAGINE 100% PROFIT Until June 1st, 2014 I’m offering the free updated secrets to getting free water and [...]

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106 – The Exotic and Unique Menu Items Increase Profits

exotic meat

What if you could change one thing and that doesn’t require increasing customers served and you make more money, would you do it?  Find out if adding an exotic meat item or something unique to your menu is right for you. At BensCarts.com we are constantly sharing ways to help you make more money.  Why [...]

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105 – How To Lease Your Cart For Cash

lease your hot dog cart for cash

Have you ever considered leasing your hot dog cart?  Think of the days you don’t use your cart because you are busy fishing or relaxing lakeside, those are perfect opportunities to make some money without lifting a finger.   Get Ben’s Newsletters & Go Pro! How To Lease Your Cart For Cash will help you [...]

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104 – Make $20,000 This Summer – Get Inspired

There are vendors that will make $20,000 and more this summer.  Sounds like a lot of money, and mostly because it is.  But when you average it out and let’s say you use only realistic numbers – we can see just how possible it becomes.   3 months let’s call it for summer.  Some of [...]

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103 Vendor Q&A – Rain, Ice Cream, Commissary Truck & More

hot dog vendor training

This week we covered the gamut.  I would like to apologize to those callers that we missed and hope that you’ll be able to call in next week.  Remember, we start hot dog vendor radio and street food vendor tv at 9PM and start taking callers immediately. Above is the link to listen via audio [...]

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