Not everyone eats them like we do.  Hot dogs are popular in many countries, but the classic American style hot dog is not the norm in other lands.  Take a look at how many serve up the tube steak (hot dog).  See a unique hot dog on your travels, be sure to share it with [...]

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Senn hot dog cart side view

How fast do you want success?  I hate learning curves and it’s why I’ve created so much free training for street food vendors.  There is now over 700 training articles, over 200 videos and even some specialty stuff for the pros.  This vendor below has taken full advantage of all that there is.  He’s read [...]


121 Creating A Proposal For Vending At Goodwill Or About Anywhere Else – Play

don't beg or even sound like it - hot dog vending

In the wee hours of the night I received an email about creating a proposal to send to the regional directors for someone’s area Goodwill stores.  I get quite a few emails at night, but usually they are of the worst nature.  Some drunk ass hat who found my site and is asking if I [...]

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122 Hot Dog Vendor Struggles At Outlet Mall


I use the term struggle loosely, she’s averaging $29 an hour – but like many of us – THAT AIN’T ENOUGH!  This was the first in I think forever that we didn’t here from Mr. Michael Wood with Duggs Doggs – I hope all is well and he is ok.  We missed you Michael. Vending [...]

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120 Branded Vs. Non Branded Hot Dogs

branded vs. non branded hot dogs

Have you been wondering which hot dog brand to sell?  You’re not alone, in fact I just got a vendor voicemail on the feedback line about this.  I also answered questions from Julie and Shannon.  Julie asked about the methods for pricing catering gigs and Shannon relayed her worries on the big event she’s preparing [...]

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It’s about time.  I’ve been asked over and over and over to do a live webinar about hot dog vending and finally I have scheduled a date.  Join me at 10AM EST on Wednesday May 13th for this special event where we will cover: How vendors are making over $100,000 annually If it’s so good, [...]

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Capitalist Pigs restrict vendors illegally

That is what one town is telling it’s hopeful vendors.  For a moment I want you to imagine this, McDonalds restaurant leases a prime piece of real estate in order to build a restaurant and are approved by the planning commission for the placement of the building on the lot.  But they are told when [...]

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119 Commissary and Catering Profits

cater pro cart

Make money with a commissary, find a commissary the easy way, expand your menu and grow your business with catering.  Hot dog vendors have listened – for the past 2 years I’ve talked about catering with your cart and the money it can bring.  Well now we’ve heard from vendors who added catering to their [...]

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Cleaning Your Hot Dog Cart – Hillbilly Style

Cleaning_A_Hot_Dog_Cart_With_Coke 2

You’ve heard of my Coke & Onions recipe, well now I have a new recipe: Coke & Aluminum Foil – But this time we won’t be eating it.  This powerful cleaning secret for stainless steel has been passed down by generations of fairies.  No more expensive cleaner, grab a 2 liter bottle of Coke and [...]

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vendor commissary

  Vendors Have Easier Access To Commissaries One of the largest obstacles for new vendors is finding a commissary.  Here on the blog I have tips and tricks along with advice collected over the years about overcoming this obstacle and even finding a free commissary.  (you can find those by typing commissary into the search [...]

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118 Hot Dog Vendors Share Their Success

Oscar Mayer Truck Driver holds up Ben's Course Book

 We broadcast live at StreetFoodVendor.tv and via our Google Events page every first Sunday of the month at 9PM EST.  Join us for the next one with your questions, comments or share a tip or two. Snow at ski slopes drive people away New vendor for the 2nd time around Silent Partners SCORE – service [...]

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What If I Mess Up?

hot dog vendor mistakes

Oh…you’re gonna screw up But no one will know – more than likely.  This is part 3 of the top 40 hot dog vendor questions I get asked.  If you’ve ever feared messing up – watch this and fear no more.  Welcome to the club.  We all do it and some of us in big, [...]

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117 – BBQ From A Hot Dog Cart

Hot Dog Vendor Video Winter

BBQ From A Hot Dog Cart That was just one of the questions we covered in this episode.  Although the phones weren’t ringing off the hook due to the Super Bowl, I had several questions come in via email for the show. City only gives temp vending permits HD says I can NOT use a [...]

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Vendor Films His Hot Dog Cart Inspection – Video

hot dog cart inspection

Thanks to Eric Johnson we have a video of a real health department inspection of a hot dog cart.  This was supposed to be up months ago and tonight someone emailed me about it and after searching and searching – I found it! I’ve covered Eric’s build with his son and the final tour after [...]

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Which Ketchup Should I Use?

top 40 quesitons from hot dog vendors

Part 2 of the Top 40 Questions From New Hot Dog Vendors    

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Future Hot Dog Vendor Does His Homework

Vendor learns all he can first.

Hi Ben! My name is Devon Crocker. I’m the owner of Devon’s Weenie Wagon, a hotdog cart that will be starting up in Winterport, ME this Spring. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for writing such an informative and inspirational book. I have read it a total of 3 times, front to back, [...]

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Hot Dog Vendor Celebrates First Year Anniversary


Gabriel Woodhead is due some congratulations.  He’s celebrating his first year anniversary and I must say, it’s rare I get such beautiful displays of hot dogs that vendors serve.  These are beautiful and made my mouth water just looking at them. Congratulations Gabriel! (click for larger images)

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New Video – Hot Dog Vendor Questions – Answered

how many hot dogs

Last week I covered a very common question: Which hot dog cart should I buy?  This week I am taking on the number one question that first time vendors ask me. How Many Hot Dogs Should I Take? I’m starting a series of videos answering the most asked questions I get asked daily and will [...]

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Catering With Your Hot Dog Cart

catering with a hot dog cart

Over the last 24 months I have watched hot dog vendors explode their businesses.  Many vendors are making over $100,000 annually catering with their hot dog carts.  Catering with your hot dog cart may be the difference between $60k and $109K this year. Why So Much Success? Hot dog vendors forever have wanted and wished [...]

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How Long Will A Propane Tank Last On A Hot Dog Cart?

propane tank use on a hot dog cart

Using a crystal ball and the foot bones from two unicorns you can easily figure out how much propane you’ll use on a daily basis from your hot dog cart.  I get this question frequently and it’s why I included the answer and my averages in my free training videos for vendors, but I figured [...]

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