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Jason Brown and Michael Wood joined us live for discussions on how we can make 2015 more successful.  Unlike many business opportunities, hot dog vending is hugely successful for many.  It’s been the answer to thousands struggling to find a real steady income. Many vendors make $100,000. annually and more.  It’s not rare and it’s [...]


hot dog carts for sale

Hot Dog Cart Clearance Just like last year, we have an overage of carts.  We must move all remaining 2014 stock.  This means fantastic, below wholesale pricing to you.  Our three most popular hot dog carts are on sale now.  The Cash Cow, The Big Dog and the King Kiosk are at the lowest prices [...]


114 – Professional Vendors Give Advice To Those Considering Vending

Hot Dog Vendor

Last night we were joined by several professional vendors.  Cory Lawrence of O’Doggy’s Hot Dogs, Michael Wood of Duggs Doggs, Randy from TN and Jimmy from Jimmy’s Hot Dogs.  Vendors also submitted photos to share which you’ll find below. Professional Vendors Give Advice Nowhere on the planet can you be connected to more pro hot [...]

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Working Events – Hot Dog Vendor Training – VIDEO


 In my attempts to consolidate information for you, I’ve created a new video.  It’s all about working events.  It covers everything from creating your own events to how to prepare, what questions to ask and how best to limit your risks.  You will also learn what questions you should ask before working events. Some of [...]

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Part 11 – A to Z – Vendor Plan Review – Course Notes

A to Z - Vendor Plan Review - Course Notes

In Part 11 I take questions from vendors who participated live.  We cover plan reviews and below you will find the course notes. Part 11: Q & A (part one) Part 11 Q & A One of the questions I got, I will put it over here and I hope you can see that is [...]

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Part 10 – Hot Dog Vendor Course – Cart Operations

hot dog cart operations

In Part 10 of the A to Z hot dog vendor course we cover hot dog cart operations, we discuss branching out and more.  This section you’ll learn how to avoid some mistakes overzealous vendors make. Part 10: Operations Branching Out Part 10 Operations Operations, in the operations there is, as far as your food [...]

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Part 9 A to Z – Locations – Hot Dog Vendor Locations

best hot dog vendor locations

Probably the most requested part of this course, locations.  In this episode we will find out the tried and true locations vendors worldwide use to achieve success, plus we will discuss those special locations that the average vendor never considers.  Most successful vendors, contrary to public opinion – are NOT working some street corner. Not [...]

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113 – Street Food In Widget – Ice Packs – Signs


Hot Dog Vendor Help It’s felt like a month since we all were together.  :)  Eric with joined us with some updates on how you can get noticed easier and how your customers can find you faster.  Jason Brown of Love Hot Dog Company is selling the successful Ice Cream Bike business in hopes [...]

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Proud Grandpa Decorates Hot Dog Cart With Grandchildren

vendor has pictures of grandchildren on cart

He’s been vending for about 4 months now.  Proud Grandpa puts pictures of his grandchildren on his new Big Dog hot dog cart and customers “love it”. Ben here is a picture of my cart since I got my decals of my grandchildren on it everyone is loving it Thanks for everything Marty

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Part 8 A to Z Hot Dog Vendor Training – Setting Up Your Legal Business Identity

setting up hot dog business identity

Need help setting up your legal business identity? In part 8 we will discuss sole proprietorships, corporate identities like INC and LLCs.  I will give my personal opinions as I am not an accountant or tax adviser but you will learn some of the benefits from each. Part 8: Getting legal Menu pricing Part 8 [...]

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In part 7 we learn more about buying a used hot dog cart, how to test it out, what to make sure it definitely has with it and some tips and tricks from many hard lessons learned.  Be sure to watch the first part on Part 6 first, but this is crucial info if you [...]

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Part 6 – A to Z – 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Hot Dog Cart

hot dog carts for sale

What can you put on a hot dog cart?  Almost anything you like but all states restrict what you can serve, so having a deep fryer on your cart may be legal, but using it probably won’t be. Of course you can use an enclosed concession trailer and we have those for less than $10,000, [...]

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Hot Dog Vendor Doubles Volume He Planned For

hot dog vendor creates success from a loss

It sounds great at first, how could doubling your expected volume hurt you?  Well, when you’ve contracted to provide hot dogs and more than double the people show up and you lose money. But have no fear, Michael Wood of Duggs Doggs is here!  Michael takes the opportunity to show his customers appreciation and while [...]

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Hot Dog Vendor Questions – Answered

hot dog vendor questions answered video

  Learn more, watch free training videos and the enjoy the free step by step video series: How To Start A Hot Dog Vending Business NEW & USED HOT DOG CARTS

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Part 5 – A to Z Course – How To Become A Hot Dog Vendor

sexy hot dog cart

I know, I should be shot.  I put out 4 parts and then skipped a week.  Duty called and I was out of town for over 9 days.  This week we will see two more parts of the A to Z Course – How To Become A Hot Dog Vendor.  In this section we will [...]

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Part Four A to Z – How To Start A Hot Dog Business – Commissaries

Hot Diggity Dog

In Part Four of the How To Start A Hot Dog Business we discuss budgeting and finding a commissary. When you are finished here, you may want to check out some bonus information here: Pro Tips On Record Keeping Best Methods For Keeping Great Records and Why You Should Additional Tips On Finding A Free [...]

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Part Three A to Z Course – How To Start A Hot Dog Cart Business

Codes say no

How To Start A Hot Dog Cart Business In part three we discuss local codes and what to do when your city says, no.  Keep you head held high.  A city that restricts against vendors is probably violating your Constitutional Rights, specifically the Bill of Rights. Part Three: Local Codes Continued What if they say, [...]

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112 – Trying To Do Too Much

vendors trying to do too much

Yes, it’s very real.  Often vendors are found trying to do too much.  They try to carry every condiment on the planet or they attempt having every type of hot dog available.  All in all, trying to do too much costs you time and money. In this episode of Street Food Vendor TV and Hot [...]

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Part Two – Hot Dog Vendor Course A to Z – Free – State Codes – Health Department Codes

Get your health department codes

As promised, the 2nd part of the AtoZ course.  It’s been my most popular course for over 2 years now and it’s your’s for free.  If you are behind, please watch part one here first: In part two we will move forward and learn about state and local codes and discover some about city and [...]

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how to start and run a hot dog business

The A to Z Vendor Success Course is my most comprehensive course ever. Over the years I have learned some amazing things that can help you get started, help you find key locations, help you double your income and help you manage multiple carts. It’s jam packed with over 5 hours of professional vendor information. [...]

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